Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Thinking about liposuction or a surgery maybe? Why torment yourself by going through such painful and risky processes when there is a much better way waiting for you? The solution is simple- a healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet!

Weight loss and math sound like two topics that are alien to each other but actually you need to calculate your daily calorie intake and the amount of calories burnt to carry your weight loss process in a controlled manner.

So what is the best diet to lose weight fast? A negative calorie balance is what you must aim to achieve when it comes to shedding some pounds in a limited time period. Exercise or synthetic weight loss supplements do no good to you as long as you don’t decide to change your eating habits and diet.

Some foods boost your metabolism and hence increase the fat burning rate. So, next time when you go for grocery don’t forget to buy these foods;

Beans– high protein

Soup-low-calorie meal substitutes

Leafy Greens– rich in fiber and antioxidants

Oat– low calorie meal yet making you feel full for longer; lowers cholesterol levels

Olive oil-oleic acid present in olives breaks down excess fats in body

Peppermint and Green Tea– drinking 3 cups of peppermint or green tea daily aids in weight loss and digestion

Cranberry juice– its diuretic properties flush out excess fluids thus reducing the water weight of your body

Nuts– swapping your snacks with a handful of nuts can actually help you lose weight by making you feel full for longer

Tomatoes– Yes you read it right! They reverse ‘leptin’ resistance in the body, which is a protein that regulates our metabolic rate and is therefore vital for losing the extra pounds

Apart from incorporating these fat burning foods to your diet, drink plenty of water. This will not only help you get rid of the water weight but also detoxify your body and boost your metabolism.

Hiring an expert for a guided weight loss will definitely help you choose the best customized diet to reach your ideal weight fast. Quitting food will not work, in fact it can aggravate your condition. Take six small, balanced and low-calorie meals to torch those extra calories and hence lose weight fast.

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