Benefits of Black Tea and Weight Loss

Benefits of Black Tea and Weight Loss

Benefits of Black Tea and Weight Loss

Nature has a plethora of blessings for you. Green tea is not the only choice you have when it comes to teas and weight loss. Black tea has much more to offer you than what you know about it!

Black tea has an array of health benefits. It is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Drink only 3 cups of black tea daily and your probability of dying a cardiovascular death will drop by 11%. Isn’t that remarkable? Moreover research proves that dwellers of countries that drink more black tea as compared to others have the lowest frequency of diabetes. So black tea not only helps control your diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels but also prevents it in the first place.

Did you know that black tea is rich in healthy antioxidants? No? Well, these miraculous compounds are not confined to green tea only. Black tea consists of polyphenols and catechins-antioxidants that not only protect the cells from DNA damage but also help prevent cancer and reverse aging, giving you much younger and beautiful skin. It also boosts your blood pressure to some extent which can be quite helpful for those suffering from low blood pressure. Relieving stress and detoxification, further add to its qualities.

So what’s more in the treasure of black tea? This low-calorie, rich-flavored beverage can replace your daily beverage intake, not letting you gain weight in the first place. Without adding sugar, it has only 2 calories per cup which makes it an excellent drink for weight loss. Black tea has a high caffeine content which boosts metabolism and hence increases fat oxidation.

Recent studies show that as the black tea is fermented during the production process, it has an even higher number of fat-fighting compounds than green tea. It prevents fat absorption by the cells, thus aiding in weight loss, but for this, you have to hold back the milk!

Enjoy your black tea- hot or cold, and put every extra calorie to death!

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